Designer LokiBartleby has designed three nice Nokia Lumia mockups which looks great.

Nokia Lumia M – Lumia meets Metal
A mid-size Lumia with an aluminum body & some references to the N8. Sleek & simple.display: 4.3″, 720p resolution

  • Display: 4.3″, 720p resolution
  • Body size: 122x61x9mm

Nokia Lumia M (Front)

Nokia Lumia M (Back)Nokia Lumia Elements
The basic idea for this concept was to bring some more metal to the Nokia Lumia line-up.

  • 4.3″ 720p AMOLED CBD display
  • Aluminum unibody + polycarbonate with ceramic-like finish
  • 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens
Nokia Lumia Elements

Nokia Lumia Evolution
Lumia Evolution concept phone, an idea for a new Windows Phone powered Nokia device.

Nokia Lumia Evolution

Nokia Lumia Evolution